Tunes of Your Soul

We every single have our very own established of harmonics which make up our soul music. We have a birth song, a death music, a lifestyle song, and a track for every piece of soul.

At start Like I Do is sung as we arrive down the womb and into this reality this sets us up for the beginning of our daily life.

The interior little one as the first piece of soul has a track which continues until finally the interior youthful child's time is attained to just take up home. This audio of this piece of soul is now song and requires more than until finally it is the flip of the inner teen, then youthful adult, late adult and outdated age until it is time for a new tune.

When we die there is a loss of life tune that is sung through the approach that assists our passing. The loss of life music begins as we start to reduce the energetic back links to the physical physique.

Every single chakra has a wire which frays then disintegrates finally the silver twine which enables us to journey from our bodies in spirit lastly frays and is reduce. We then can travel down the tunnel to the astral airplane as the song sings us into there.

All of these songs require to be sung in total and to the finish.

We also have a music of daily life, that has with in it all the creations, karmic money owed to be sorted, paths, soul agreements and opportunities of this existence.

There are a lot of versions and usually music are not sung completely to the end or are even began. Much interference can happen by us in hospitals toddlers can be delivered by caesarean which signifies the beginning track has begun but not concluded..the energetic tools for the newbies information to daily life are missing. It is possible to have your start song sung at a afterwards day. It wants to be sung because it is necessary when you die and the death tune is sung.

Which brings me onto demise, out of the blue by accident, medication, operations, becoming shot these are all illustrations of the music not getting sung. This brings about you energetic troubles on the astral and once again the dying song which is so considerably much more than a music, but an energetic sequence of knowledge might still be sung by these who are in the know on the other side.

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